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Theatre of the Oppressed

Faculty :

Mr. Ravi Ramaswamy

Centre for Community Dialogue and Change, trustee at the Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru.
Leading workshops in Medical Humanities for medical faculty ,LGBTQIA+, Prison Inmates and students in various cities across India.

Areas of Specialization: Diversity and Privilege, Masculinity and Violence, Social Justice, Gender
and Sexuality, Mental Wellbeing, Harassment-free campuses.

What does this workshop offer?

We can only become a stable, good society if we can work as a team, bring ideas together and put forth solutions to the issues that plague us. While we have become comfortable as Spectators in our society, this workshop is keen on making us "Spect-actors".

To bring such a change and spark the potential of all individuals, this session will bring games and fun activities and will put your imagination to work. Theatre of the Oppressed is about analyzing and questioning as opposed to accepting and giving answers.

Seize the opportunity to transform yourselves from "Spectators" to "Spect-actors."                                                  


Outcomes of this workshop:

  1. Rediscover their potential for creating change- both individually and in the contexts we live and work in.

  2. Gives us some tools that help us ‘unfreeze’, break patterns of rigid communication, become aware of our full potential for dialoguing with our fellow human beings.      

Duration : 180 minutes

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Limited registrations : 30 ONLY

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