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What is ETHOS?
A conference with the goal of bringing together International and National experts in the field of bioethics and students studying health sciences. NITTE (Deemed to be University) is hosting an International Bioethics, Medical, and Research Conference with the theme “Ethics in Health Science Education and Research” at the K S Hegde Medical Academy in Mangaluru, Karnataka, India.

Why do you need ETHOS?

The purpose of the conference is to stimulate discussion, to juxtapose the reality of health
science education with research from the perspective of healthcare educationists and the
This conference highlights various biomedical ethics topics and offers a forum for team and
individual ethical thinking, debating, problem-solving and strategizing new solutions.
The pandemic delayed the planning of the event, but the past two years have shown why this
topic is so crucial right now.

What to expect?
Many unanswered and unexplored subjects will be discussed by international academia and practitioners. Providing a new perspective on the future of modern medicine.
Being the future of modern healthcare, this experience will strengthen your hold on practicing
ethical medicine and establish trust in the medical community. Whether it’s a series of
customized workshops, an ethical committee deliberations , a Model United Nations, or a
keynote address by stalwarts in Bioethics, it is designed specifically to motivate the masses.


This is truly an opportunity to grow and experience the peak of modern medicine.
Come, learn, cherish!


  • Advocate the need to improve the quality, relevance and application of bioethics in the curriculum of health sciences.
  • Sensitizing the Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Faculties about Bioethics, its place in Health Care Practice and Medical Research.
  • Develop and inculcate a dynamic academic program exploring emerging issues in Bioethics, public ethics and Law.
  • To discuss as well as to find a solution to the ethical queries, medical education and training during and after a pandemic.

ETHOS 5.0 will make full use of the capabilities of intellectual individuals with innovative presentations and will be organized to provide each participant with a conference experience that best fits their interests and needs. 

ETHOS 5.0 will provide a leading platform to discuss these important questions and the role bioethics can and should play for the benefit of future generations through a broad range of activities, including:

· A dynamic academic program exploring emerging issues in bioethics, pandemic
responsiveness, global health, universal healthcare, public ethics, law, and it’s place in
medical research.

· Dedicated activities aiming that the attendees get sensitized with bioethics and
contribute to the community.

· Activities to facilitate the exchange of information and encourage the development of
research in medical sciences pertaining bioethics.

· Exhibitions that explore the role of bioethics in medical education.

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