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Using Mobile Phones


"First, do no harm.”

A medical simulation event that helps
students navigate through medical dilemmas with the help of principles in Bioethics.



Rules and regulation:

  • Entries are accepted as 3 member teams.

  • The competition encloses 3 rounds.

  • Each round has 1 case scenario and a few presenting questions.

  • Each team will be given time to discuss and 1 speaker will answer the questions

  • The participants can present their answers in 3 minutes with an additional minute to conclude their speech

  • They will be judged based on the answers and by the end of round 1, 5 teams proceed to round 2.

  • Round 2 has the same rules as round 1, at the end of which 2 teams secure their spot in the final round.

  • In the final round, the format follows, except the teams will get a chance to rebuttal.

Judging criteria:

  • Comprehension about the concept

  • Content

  • Delivery

  • Adherence to time limit



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