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Assembly Hall


Mimicking a busy functioning courtroom, a group of 3 will discuss ethical dilemmas and reach a decision on spot.
Registrations will be accepted in groups of 3, each member of the group is required to register for the main conference.

The teams will compete live during the conference to finalize the winning team.

A group of 3 is a must.
1 is plaintiff
1 is defendant
1 judge


A topic will be given on spot
The team gets 4 min to discuss.
The plaintiff goes first and speaks for 1 min.
Followed by the defendant who speaks for 1 min.
The judge then requests the plaintiff to rebuttal and speak for 30 seconds.
The judge then speaks for a minute and arrives at a

decision, having heard both parties.
Total time for each group: 5 mins
The speeches will be timed.

Rules and regulations:
Registrations accepted in groups of 3.
No use of foul language.
No religious or political comments to be made.

Topics : ( will be notified on spot)


Maximum number of groups being accepted: 8 teams.
(After which registrations for this event will be closed).




  • Content

  • Evidence sited

  • Judgement reached

  • Clarity of speech

  • Voice modulation

  • Adherence to Time limit

LAST DATE: 9th November 2022

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