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Model United Nations, is an educationally riveting simulation of the United Nations. Students in this set up get the opportunity to refine their debating, writing, leadership skills and test their waters in diplomacy and international relations.

  • Delegates participating in this event will be preferentially allotted to one of the 3 Committees-

1. UNSC (United Nations Security Council) 

2.WHO (World Health Organization)

3. AIPPM (All India Political Party Meet)

  • And one country/ politician(for AIPPM) that they will represent.

Each committee will hold discussions on the Agenda under multiple sessions over the span of 2 days.


UNSC- Impact of anti-COVID policies.

WHO- Pathogens in conflict areas.

AIPPM- Discussion on Reservation System in India in Light of Recent Outrage Against Reservation and Promotions.

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