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Efrain Uh

Bachelor of Science in Community and Public Health,


Meet Efrain!

Efrain has over 10 years of experience in the public health field in which he has been fully committed to the goal of equipping himself with the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding, tools, and a set of transferable skills to be able to collaborate, influence, and co-create unique, feasible, and sustainable solutions to shared complex health challenges, particularly in resource-limited contexts. He recently completed the Executive Healthcare Leadership Certificate Program with Cornell University. In short, yesterday Efrain served the Ministry of Health and Wellness in Belize in the capacity of Public Health Inspector and Environmental Health Officer; today he is a public health student pursuing his second Bachelor of Science in Community and Public Health and a series of graduate-level courses in Statistics and Data Science; and tomorrow he hopes to be a well-rounded and humble health policy specialist and population health researcher.

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