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Ethical Doctor

Faculty :

Dr. Shiv Joshi

Medical Consultant at the WHO.
Member of the International Research Committee of the Department of Education in the International Chair in Bioethics.
Member of e-health and Med Tech WMA Associate Member Task Force.
President of the Student Bioethics Program (India) and Founder of Working Group for Research in Bioethics.

What does this workshop offer?

Ethics is defined as a branch of philosophy that involves recommending and defending concepts of right and wrong conduct. There is very rarely such thing as a correct answer in ethical dilemmas, as otherwise they would not be considered a dilemma. As this philosophy plays a crucial role in medical profession, this would be briefly explained in this workshop on ethical doctor.

The use of the four pillars autonomy, justice, beneficence and non-maleficence in day to day catch 22 situations will be a highlight of the workshop as well. The relevance of ethical practices as a healthcare professional will be well covered in this workshop.

Outcomes of this workshop:

  1. Apply the concepts of ethics in their daily practices

  2. Navigate their way through grey areas of medicine

  3. Improve their communication in order to understand their patients.

Duration : 180 minutes

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Limited registrations : 30 ONLY

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