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The SLICE Model

Faculty :

Prof. (Dr.) Mary Mathew

Professor and Head of Pathology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.
Head, Indian Program of the International Chair in Bioethics.
Head of the National Training and 3T IBHSc Program for Health Professionals in Bioethics

What does this workshop offer?

All members in Health and research face challenges with regards to grey areas in their
respective fields. These dilemmas form the basis for the need to understand ethics.


Questions that arise from such various situations will be tackled in this session.


The SLICE Model provides guidelines to tackle such problems faced by clinicians and researchers. The workshop will also highlight the importance of communication while handling such scenarios.   


Outcomes of this workshop:

1. Identify ethical dilemmas.

2. Ethical decision making.

3. Familiar with ethical reflective practice.

Duration : 180 minutes

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Limited registrations : 30 ONLY

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